Control your computer with your eyes

What if you could control a computer screen with just your eyes? Well that’s the vision of Eyefluence, a Silicon Valley-based startup that is working o


Another Augmented Reality application start-up that is getting some traction.

IBM’s Watson Supercomputer May Soon Be The Best Doctor In The World – Business Insider

Ben Hider / Getty ImagesMost people know Watson as IBM’s answer to Jeopardy star Ken Jennings. But IBM’s aspirations for its artificially intelligent super


Watson had a 90% success rate in diagnosing lung cancer, compared to 50% by human doctors.  This is further evidence that AI will impact all industries and there will essentially be very few, if any, human functions which cannot eventually be replaced by AI.  As fast as companies work to advance AI, there must be an equal or greater effort to create strategy around offsetting the displacement of human workers, so they can shift into other value-added work.